Controllo corsa freno di stazionamento Piaggio Porter

Hello Piaggio Porter lovers, in this article we will show you how to check if your parking brake is effective or not.

Park the Porter on a flat surface.
Put the gear lever in neutral. Press down
the brake pedal by keeping it pressed. Lower
the parking brake fully.
Slowly pull the parking brake lever
with a force of about 20 kgf (196 N) e
count the shots. While you count the shots
and precisely when you feel that the parking brake begins to work effectively, release the brake pedal.
Make sure the number of shots is within specifications;
if necessary, register. Parking brake play 6 ÷ 10 clicks.

If your parking brake is not very effective, register it again and if you don't know how to do it, we at Mondo Porter will illustrate it to you.

Here's how:

First of all, check that the parking brake cables are correctly stretched and locked in the relative clamps under the body and in the splitter. To adjust the travel of the parking brake you must fully depress the brake pedal and loosen the adjuster locknut (indicated by the arrow in the image below); Then turn the nut until the travel is back within specification (ie 6/10th of a click); Finally, lock the locknut again.


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