schema fasatura cinghia distribuzione piaggio porter 1.4 diesel lombardini

Timing Timing Belt Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel.

phase 1

Timing Belt Piaggio Porter

Undo the five screws and remove the belt guard from your Piaggio Porter. ?? When refitting, tighten the screws to 10 Nm . Check the Peripheral sealing rubber gasket and the causes of the two pulleys dust rings if fitted.

phase 2

Timing Timing Belt Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel

Undo the screw of the BELT TENSIONER pulley 1. Remove the belt by sliding it off the Timing pulley.

stage 3

Timing Timing Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel

 Reference figure 3 Timing Distribution for LDW1404.

stage 4

timing Timing Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel

Timing Distribution - belt tensioning and Piaggio Porter BELT TENSIONER tightening

INSERT the torque wrench in the tool indicated making sure that axis A fig of the wrench. 39 is at 90° WITH RESPECT to Axis B of the tool in fig. 38. Tighten clockwise to 20 Nm. Refit the driving pulley. ?? Maintaining the belt tension at 20 Nm, tighten nut 3 with another torque wrench at 40 Nm. Rotate the crankshaft a FEW turns and CHECK That the tensioning carried out is as described above. The CHECK must be carried out with a special Nippon Denso tension gauge (one half of the longest branch of the belt), the value detected with the engine cold MUST BE 15 ± 2 kg.

* The Per Per Per information was ripped from the Lombardini Service Workshop Manual

Fasatura distribuzionePiaggio porter 1.4 diesel

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