gancio traino piaggio porter maxxi

Tow hook for Piaggio Porter Maxxi , can you install it on your Porter?

The first check to do to check if you can install the tow hook on your Piaggio Porter is to check if your Porter has a towable mass

The towable mass can be found in letter 01 of the Booklet

piaggio porter maxxi tow hook, towable mass

How to do if you don't have towable mass in the registration document of your piaggio porter ?

If your vehicle does not have a towable weight, you can request authorization from Piaggio. Here is a useful link for requesting the documents =


What to do after installing the Tow Hook on your Piaggio Porter ?

After making sure you have all the documents to install your tow hook, I should take it to a specialized workshop that can make you an assembly declaration (often the body shops are almost all authorized)

How to test the Tow Hook of your Piaggio Porter ?

Once you have found the body shop that can assemble it for you by issuing you a declaration, go to an agency for handling automotive paperwork (not all aci, it seems to me they don't deal with this) where they handle registration and testing paperwork.

Show all the documents in your possession and book the test for updating your vehicle registration certificate / vehicle booklet

the cost should be around € 125.00 (testing + strip on booklet)

How should the Tow Hook of the Piaggio Porter be mounted?

Perfect, now it's time to assemble the hook you purchased on, inside you will find the entire assembly manual that we have provided for you, please, everything must be assembled as per the manual, so that the motorization engineer can verify its assembly in a workmanlike manner.

Once finished, your body shop will have to put the stamp on the manual, in order to declare that they have read the right and correct assembly method.

Wait ! Haven't you bought it yet?

Find it HERE =



Gancio traino piaggio porter

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