pannello sportello piaggio porter

Disassembly - Piaggio Porter Door Panel

1 - Undo the fixing screws of the internal handle .

piaggio porter door pull handle

2 - Undo the fixing screw of the door opening handle

piaggio porter door opener handle

3 - Disengage the door opening tie rod from the lock from the door opening handle

door handle piaggio porter

4 - Using a fork, release the pin from the windscreen knob .

piaggio porter window handle

5 - Remove the pin

piaggio porter window handle

6 - Using a suitable tool, detach the fastening buttons of the trim panel from the door

door panel piaggio porter

7 - Remove the side door trim panel

door panel piaggio porter

8 - Remove the water guard

door piaggio porter

9 - Clean any remains of the sealant.

used piaggio porter left door

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