serratura sportello piaggio porter

Disassembly - Piaggio Porter Door Lock

1 - Remove the trim panel.

here you find the =


piaggio porter lock

2- Unscrew the door lock knob .

piaggio porter lock clips

3 - Using a screwdriver, release the cylinder lock clip of the door closing lock

door lock piaggio porter

4 - Operating from the outside of the side door, remove the cylinder from the door closing lock.

door cylinder piaggio porter

5 - Using a screwdriver, disengage the door opening control rod from the external handle

piaggio porter external door handle control rod

6 - Unscrew the nuts fastening the external handle to the side door

external door handle piaggio porter

7 - Remove the external handle from its seat

door handle piaggio porter

8 - Unscrew the screws fixing the lock to the side door

door lock piaggio porter

9 - Remove the lock complete with tie rods from the side door

door lock piaggio porter

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