numero telaio piaggio porter

Where is the chassis number on the Piaggio Porter?

The chassis number of your Piaggio Porter can be found under the passenger seat (right side) REPRESENTED IN THE LETTER B

Piaggio Porter chassis number

It will be enough to fold the upper back of the seat using a lever on its right, once the back has been lowered, we will find a hook under the seat, once removed we will be ready to lift the whole seat and find the chassis number

Piaggio Porter Manufacturer Label

The Piaggio Porter manufacturer's label E located under the seat on the Right Passenger side (represented in Letter A)

Piaggio Porter manufacturer's plate

Inside the Piaggio Porter manufacturer's plate we will find:

(1) Manufacturer and country of manufacture. (2) Homologation Number (3) Vehicle Identification Number (4) Technically permissible overall maximum weight (5) Total vehicle weight with trailer (*) (6) Maximum permissible weight on the front axle (7) Maximum permissible weight on the rear axle (8) Vehicle model (9) Engine type

(*) NB: Only for versions in which the towable weight is foreseen.

The Identification Registration Numbers consist of a prefix and a number stamped respectively on both the chassis and the engine.

They must always be supplied in the request for spare parts.

It is advisable to CHECK the Correspondence of the Serial Numbers stamped on the Vehicle and on the engine with those indicated on the Vehicle Documents. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) IS stamped on the Cab Floor Front Panel, and is ALSO found on the Builder's Plate (VIN PLATE).

Engine codes

Piaggio Porter engine codes

Here is where to find the Engine Codes

C = Engine Number

D = Engine prefix

** Material and photos taken from the Piaggio Porter use and maintenance manual ***

CaratteristichePiaggio porter 1.3 benzinaPiaggio porter 1.4 dieselPiaggio porter maxxi

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