pompa olio piaggio porter 1.4 diesel lombardini

Disassembly / Reassembly Piaggio Porter Diesel oil pump


The oil pump was tested before and after assembly, it is therefore recommended not to open it except for well-founded operational reasons. To remove the pump it is necessary to far switch to the key A through the compartment B . To obtain this, it is SUFFICIENT to place the first cylinder (the one on the flywheel side) at top dead centre

oil pump Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel Lombardini ldw1404


The rotors of the pump must be coupled from the same side, see references 2 and 3. Replace the ring 1. ?? Tighten the fixing screws to the base by 25 Nm and those of the plate to 10 Nm.

oil pump Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel Lombardini Focs Engine ldw1404

Characteristics Oil pump

Test Oil pump capacity 1000 rpm / 1 'with oil temperature at 120 ° C.

Engine - Flow - Pressure (bar)

1202/1404 - 6, 6.5 - 3, 3.5

Test oil pump delivery at 3600 rpm with oil temperature at 120°C.

Engine - Flow - Pressure (bar)

1202/1404 - 28.5 - 4.5

LubrificazionePiaggio porter 1.4 diesel

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