registrazione giri piaggio porter diesel
Piaggio Porter diesel RPM recording
Registration of empty idle (standard)
AFTER filling the engine with oil, FUEL and coolant, start and allow it to warm up for 10 minutes.
Acting on the adjusting screw 1, adjust the minimum of 850 ÷ 900 revs / 1 '; lock the jam nut.
Note: By unscrewing screw 1, the revolutions decrease and increase in the opposite direction.
Registration of the maximum empty (standard) Piaggio Porter Diesel
No-load maximum recording (standard)
AFTER Adjusting the Minimum ACT ON screw 2 and Adjust the maximum idle to 3800 rpm / 1 '; lock the lock nut.
WHEN the engine reaches Record power, the Maximum will stabilize at 3600 rpm / 1'.
Note: By unscrewing screw 2, the revolutions increase and decrease in the opposite direction
Series registration Pump capacity Injection without dynamometric brake
Adjustment Standard Injection pump delivery without dynamometric brake This Adjustment MUST be carried out with the engine at the dynamometric brake, failing which the Adjustment is approximate; in this case proceed as follows.
- Unlock the lock nut of the Maximum Flow Limiter.
- Fully screw in the Limiter C.
- Take the engine to maximum revs, i.e. 3800 revs / 1 '.
- Unscrew the limiter C until the engine tends to drop in revs.
- Screw the Limiter C by 2.5 turns.
- Lock the lock nut.
Note: If the engine, in Maximum Load Condition, emits too much smoke, unscrew C; screw C IF there will be no smoke at the exhaust and if the engine will not be able to develop ITS maximum power.
Piaggio porter 1.4 diesel

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