sovrasponde piaggio porter

The Piaggio Porter aluminum and mesh sideboards made by Officine Cucini are a valid alternative for gardeners and anyone who wants to carry a bulky load.

Let's see together the entire assembly procedure

1) Remove the 4 rivets (2 on each side) which secure the rear head of the side at the top and drill holes with a size 9 bit, breaking through the side to the opposite side.

piaggio porter sides piaggio porter tailgate

2) Assemble the 2 rear columns with the components shown in the photo (partially tighten the bolts: complete the tightening in the final stage, after having made all the adjustments)

piaggio porter oversides

3) Assemble the rear columns by fixing them in correspondence with the 2 previously made holes, for the moment with 2 screws. Make the third hole by also tightening the third bolt only at the end, after adjusting the position of the sides

piaggio porter tailgate

4) Assemble the front overboard by tightening the upper and lower brackets to the aluminum headboard using the galvanized threaded plates shown in the photo

piaggio porter sideboards

5) Screw the uprights of the front platform into the 6 holes provided on the cab guard of the original box. The images show the mesh sideboard kit , while in the case of aluminum sideboard kits, rivet the two uprights of the front sideboard on the same sideboard, after screwing them into the 6 holes provided on the original box.

assembly manual piaggio porter

6) Assemble all the side panels by placing a thick washer between the original side panel and the side panel and record its position

piaggio porter manual

7) Unscrew the bolt that blocks the original Piaggio release lever by removing the lever itself (it is advisable to insert the disassembled original components in the cab to deliver them to the customer

piaggio porter sides

8) Carry out all the necessary adjustments, then insert the missing third locking bolt of the rear uprights (see point 3) and tighten all the adjusting bolts.

side rails piaggio porter

Carrozzeria piaggio porterPiaggio porter

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