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6. Remove the external gasket from the front door glass .

door gasket piaggio porter

7. Remove the internal gasket of the front door glass

door gasket piaggio porter

8. Remove the piaggio porter internal windscreen gasket

9. Removing the piaggio porter front door glass

window glass piaggio porter

10-Remove the central bracket by acting on the bolts shown in the figure.

door glass bracket piaggio porter
11- Remove the two fixing bolts of the front door glass unit .
12- Remove the Piaggio Porter door window

- Keeping the glass in a vertical position, pull it upwards.

door glass piaggio porter
13- Trace a reference on the front side of the glass to immediately identify the correct position for reassembling the limit switch.

Piaggio Porter window lifter installation

1. Piaggio Porter front window regulator installation

- Apply MP grease to each sliding section of the window lifter .

- Fit the front door window regulator using the three bolts.

- Insert the front door glass unit and temporarily tighten with two bolts.

2. Fit the complete piaggio porter windscreen gasket

3 . Tighten the two bolts.


4. Tighten the rear frame bolt then tighten the two front frame bolts.

piaggio porter spare parts

5 . Fit the inspection cover.
6 . Install the door trim panel.

piaggio porter spare parts
7 . Fit the components relating to the door trim panel.

- piaggio porter door panel

door panel piaggio porter

- piaggio porter window handle

piaggio porter window handle

- Piaggio porter door internal handle

door handle piaggio porter

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