Smontaggio cinghia piaggio porter

Piaggio Porter Service Belt - Disassembly.

Loosen the belt adjustment screw located near the alternator .

piaggio porter alternator service belt

After slackening the belt tension, remove it from the three pulleys: (1) Alternator ; (2) Drive shaft; (3) Water pump .

piaggio porter alternator water pump belt disassembly

Piaggio Porter service belt - Assembly.

Fit the new belt making sure that the 4 grooves of the belt coincide correctly in the pulley.

assembly of the piaggio porter multitech service belt

Piaggio Porter service belt tension adjustment

Tighten the adjustment screw until the service belt deflection reaches the prescribed value.

Carry out the check by pressing in the central part of the belt between the water pump pulley and the alternator pulley, applying a force of 10 kg.

piaggio porter service belt adjustment

Piaggio Porter Service Belt Checks.

- The check consists of a visual inspection of the drive belt. Check the belt for evidence of separation from the adhesive rubber at the top or bottom of the belt, fraying, cracking in the internal ribs of the belt. Replace the belt if necessary.

- Check the drive belt tension. Measure the deflection (deflection) of the belt by applying the prescribed force at the central point of the belt, between the alternator pulley and the water pump pulley.

Technical features
Belt Flex:
8÷9 mm applying with a force of 10Kg (98N).

water pump belt and piaggio porter services


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