circuito elettrico piaggio porter 1.4 diesel lombardini

Piaggio Porter Diesel Lombardini electrical circuit

Electric circuit Piaggio Porter Lombardini diesel

Electric starting diagram 12V with Marelli alternator type AA 125 R 14V 45A 1 Alternator

2 starter motor

3 Battery


5 Coolant temperature sensor

6 Control unit

7 Starter switch

8 Fuse 30A for LDW 502-602, 50A for LDW 702-903-1003 80A for LDW1204-1204 / T-1404.

9 5A fuse

10 Solenoid valve

11 Glow plug warning light

12 Coolant temperature warning light

14 Oil Pressure Warning Light

15 Pressure switch

16 Battery charging light

17 Diode

18 Clogging indicator light

19 Clogging indicator

20 FUEL Level Indicator Light

21 FUEL Level Gauge A Parking lights B Rest C Gear D Starting

ElettricoPiaggio porter 1.4 diesel

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