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To check, clean or replace: the timing chain , crankshaft sprocket, the chain tensioner or the chain guide slides , remove the following components:

- Oil sump and suction cup - Tappet cover - Timing cover.

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Remove the chain tensioner cover from the movable chain guide slide and the chain tensioner .

piaggio porter distribution

Remove the fixed chain guide.

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Remove the mobile chain guide .

piaggio porter chain distribution kit

Remove the tensioner and check that the oil passage holes are free, if not, clean them with compressed air.

piaggio porter petrol multitech chain timing kit

Remove the timing chain by lifting it off the timing shafts and crankshaft sprocket.

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Before reassembling the components, check that the anti-wear coating shoe of the mobile chain guide is not worn or damaged; if not, replace it.

piaggio porter timing chain flap

Engine sprocket, check that the surfaces and teeth of the crankshaft sprocket are not scored, worn or damaged.
Timing chain , check that the chain links are not worn or damaged.

If not, replace.

piaggio porter spare parts

chain tensioner ; check that the limit switch tooth (1) and the toothed surface (2) of the piston are not worn or damaged, if they are, replace the chain tensioner .

piaggio porter chain tensioner


Rotate the crankshaft until the key aligns with the mark on the cylinder block.

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Position the two camshafts with the stamped arrows pointing upwards .
Fit the timing chain with the two blue links, in correspondence with the arrows.

Piaggio Porter petrol chain timing kit

Align the third blue link of the chain with the lower groove of the crankshaft sprocket. So that cylinder n.4 is at TDC in the compression stroke.

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Fit the belt tensioner, exert a slight pressure on the limit switch tooth to be able to freely compress the piston.

Locking torques (N * m)

Chain tensioner - cylinder block 11 Nm

distribution timing piaggio porter

Compress and lock the piston with a pin.

piaggio porter spare parts

Mount the mobile chain guide.

Locking torques (N * m)
Chain guide slide - Cylinder block 9 Nm

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