Fasatura distribuzione - Rimontaggio Cinghia Piaggio Porter 1.3 16V

Distribution timing Piaggio Porter 1.3 Petrol 16 Valves Daihatsu HC

1. Temporarily install the head cover.

distribution piaggio porter daohatsu

2. Position the camshaft pulley with the reference point B aligned with the mating plane of the head and the cover.

3. Align the crankshaft pulley reference point C with the indicator D on the oil pump casting.

4. Fit the belt so that the two colored marks are aligned with the respective marks on the pulleys.

5. Loosen the tensioner locking bolt.
Apply tension to the belt. Temporarily tighten the screws

piaggio porter distribution

6. Turn the crankshaft 3 ÷ 4 times in the normal direction of rotation.
After aligning the belt , continue in the direction of rotation until the letter " F " on the pulley is positioned three teeth before the reference on the head cover.

timing belt piaggio porter

7. Loosen the tensioner locking screw.

piaggio porter distribution

8. Rotate the crankshaft further in the normal direction until the " F " mark on the camshaft pulley is aligned with the indicator (notch) located on the cylinder head cover.

piaggio porter distribution

9. Tighten the belt tensioner locking screw to the specified torque value.

piaggio porter distribution

Locking torques (N*m)
Timing belt tensioner 29÷44

10. Make sure that the crankshaft sprocket marker dots, as well as the camshaft sprocket marker dots, are aligned with the corresponding markers.
If the reference is not aligned with the indicator, repeat the operations from point 2. onwards.

timing belt piaggio porter

A : Reference on head cover
B : Reference on timing pulley
C : Reference on crankshaft pulley
D : Reference on oil pump casting
F : " F " reference on the timing pulley external side

Fasatura distribuzionePiaggio porter 1.3 benzina

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