Sostituzione Filtro Aria Piaggio Porter 1.3 16V

Piaggio Porter lovers Here is a small tutorial by Silla REPLACING the air filter

Here's How To Replace The Air Filter Of The Piaggio Porter 1.3 Petrol 16V from 98 to 2009

This is where the filter of your Piaggio Porter is FOUND

Piaggio Porter 1.3 16V Air Filter replacementPiaggio Porter 1.3 16V Air Filter replacement

  1. Disassemble the Box Lid and REMOVE the Filter Element from the Lid
  2. SEE IF filter is not excessively dirty, damaged or oily. If Necessary, replace the Filter element.
  3. Blow with compressed air on the entire lower part
    (A) of the filter element.
    Then blow air all over the top (B) . Piaggio Porter 1.3 petrol 16 valve petrol filter
  4. After cleaning the filter element, put it back in the box and close the air filter cover.

ManutenzionePiaggio porter 1.3 benzina

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