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Before carrying out disassembly on the cooling circuit of the air conditioner, it is necessary to empty the system with recovery of the cooling fluid.
During operations, when the system components are disconnected, close the disconnected fittings with suitable sealing caps to prevent the entry of humidity and impurities into the system itself. Before reconnecting the pipes, replace the O-rings on the fittings.
Only use rings that are resistant to the prescribed coolant. Lubricate the threads of the fittings with antifreeze oil and tighten the fittings to the prescribed torque.
Work with caution on the clothing details and, to avoid damage, use the provided tools correctly.
When working on the circuit, scrupulously observe the following safety standards:
Refrigerant fluid that accidentally leaks from the air conditioning system or from the emptying/recovery/recharging equipment can become toxic if in close proximity to open flames or in the presence of certain metals (e.g. magnesium or aluminium) in the form of fine particles or powdery. It is therefore advisable to operate in the absence of open flames and in well-ventilated rooms with the extraction system activated.
Avoid prolonged contact with the skin of the refrigerant fluid in the evaporating phase as the low temperature (-26.5C) reached at the end of expansion can cause "burns" due to excessive cold.
It is therefore advisable to use leather or thick fabric gloves.
It is essential to protect your eyes from contact with the refrigerant fluid as the excessive and instantaneous low temperature can cause serious injuries.
The discharge of the fluid in free air constitutes a danger for the environment.
To empty the system, use only the specific equipment.
When the engine is warm, the engine cooling system is pressurized.
Wait a few minutes before working on the components of the cooling circuit, making sure in any case that the pressure has dropped.

Before working on the electrical system (connectors, electrical components, wiring, etc.) place the key

ignition in the STOP position and DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL OF THE BATTERY. piaggio porter maxxi 4x4 air conditioning system used

1. Piaggio porter air conditioning condenser

2. Filter drier / Linear sensor;

3. Piaggio porter air conditioning system pipes

4. Piaggio porter air conditioning compressor;

5. Piaggio porter air conditioning compressor drive toothed belt

6. Piaggio porter air conditioning evaporator

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