ricarica impianto aria condizionata piaggio porter

Dehydration and Refilling of the Piaggio Porter Air Conditioning System

recharging the piaggio porter air conditioning system

Place the vehicle on the lift. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Comply with the prescribed safety regulations. Use a suitable dehydration and refill station.

Run the engine with the air conditioner on for 10 - 15 minutes.
Depending on the type of vehicle equipment, remove/move any parts that hinder the connection of the station pipes,

to the corresponding refill valves and the air conditioning system.
Unscrew the protective caps (1) of the air conditioning system refill valves.

Connect the high pressure connection pipe (HIGH) to the corresponding quick coupling valve. Connect the low pressure connection pipe (LOW) to the corresponding quick coupling valve. For greater safety, the quick coupling fittings of the appliance connection pipes are of different diameters.
Start the procedure for emptying the refrigerant fluid, following the indications in the equipment user manual.
When the system is drained, the extracted compressor oil accumulates in a suitable container.
The oil is highly hygroscopic: avoid leaving the containers open.
Return to the system the same quantity of oil discharged into the container.
- Start the procedure for refilling the coolant by following the instructions in the appliance user manual.

- Load the prescribed amount of refrigerant fluid.

Recommended products

R134a Refrigerant gas for Air Conditioning system 0.850 Kg

PAG Oil Iso46 Air Conditioning compressor oil 100 cc

Disconnect the refill fittings from the air conditioning system pipes. Screw the protection caps on the system refill valves.
Carry out a test run to verify that the system works correctly. Connect the negative battery terminal.

Remove the vehicle from the lift.

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