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The MultiTech petrol engine, designed in compliance with the stringent Euro 6 homologated parameters , is an absolutely cutting-edge unit in terms of respect for the environment and reduction of consumption. It is a 1299 cc DOHC four-cylinder with 16-valve chain timing capable of guaranteeing significant improvements in performance: power reaches 61 kW (+ 9 kW compared to the previous engine), while torque stands at 112 Nm (+ 7 Nm), with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Distribution with double overhead camshaft: ensures precision in the feeding and exhaust processes to the advantage of the efficiency of the thermal cycle and fuel consumption.
  • Base in aluminum alloy: made in order to contain the weight, without any penalty in terms of sturdiness.
  • Electronic engine control: an electronic control unit calculates the required petrol-air mixture data and transmits them to the on-board diagnostics (EOBD, Engine On Board Diagnosys). The control unit is positioned on the vehicle to ensure greater protection against vibrations and sudden changes in temperature.
  • Indirect injection: managed electronically, it is of the "multipoint" type to allow for a homogeneous and regular supply. Quietness, efficiency and operating economy are the result of years of experience and development of the system.

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This layout ensures an optimal balance for maximizing payload and at the same time road holding. In fact, the load produces grip on the drive wheels and the forward positioning of the engine ensures that the vehicle never loses direction.
The advantages of this solution are particularly relevant in the starting phase in critical conditions, for example in the presence of slippery surfaces and steep slopes.

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Thanks to the presence of sophisticated electronic devices capable of correcting any incorrect maneuvers by the driver, Porter ensures safe and monitored driving.
Safety on board the vehicle is guaranteed by ABS and the ESC system, used for stability control.
Furthermore, in emergency braking situations, the combination of the BAS system and the EBD system make it possible to avoid the risk of collision, guaranteeing total active safety.

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Porter is characterized by modern interior fittings that make work safer, more pleasant and more comfortable. In particular, the standard equipment includes:

    • electronic immobiliser
    • upholstery in comfortable and resistant technical fabric
    • electronic power steering (EPS)
    • highly legible instrumentation
    • athermal glasses that guarantee better thermal insulation of the cabin.
  • Extra version, for the most demanding.

    Porter and Porter Maxxi are also available in the richer Extra set-up which includes the contour of the front bumper in the same color, the fog lights ,
    electric windows , Radio CD system with MP3, electronic anti-theft device with remote control and rear parking sensors (the latter are not present in the Chassis model and in all Maxxi versions).

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