Pompa Acqua Piaggio Porter B010236

Guide for the assembly and disassembly of the Piaggio Porter Multitech water pump Code B010236

Dismantling the Water Pump

Before removing the water pump, drain the cooling system.
- Loosen the alternator adjuster and remove the service belt.

- disconnect the water inlet pipe.

- Remove the water pump by unscrewing the fixing screws from the lock cylinder.

Piaggio Porter Water Pump B010236

Check the condition of the gasket, it is recommended to replace it every time the pump is removed.
Check that the rotor turns smoothly and evenly, without jamming.

NOTE: The pump cannot be overhauled therefore if anomalies are found, replace the complete water pump.

Piaggio Porter Water Pump B010236

Water Pump Assembly

Fit the water pump and tighten to the prescribed torque.

Then reassemble all the previously removed components in reverse order, and bring the cooling system back to level.

Piaggio Porter Water Pump B010236

Locking torques (N*m) Water pump - Cylinder block 22 Nm

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