albero trasmissione piaggio porter

Piaggio Porter Transmission Shaft Inspection

1. Check the drive shaft for damage and bending.
2. Check spider bearing housing, sliding shaft and boot for damage.

Technical characteristics Bending limit:

transmission shaft piaggio porter

3. Check the flange fork and sleeve fork.

  • Check that the contact surface A of the flange coupled to the differential pinion is not damaged.

  • Check that the sliding surface B of the oil seal is not damaged or worn.

  • Check that the spline C is not damaged or worn.

  • Fit the sleeve clevis onto the drive shaft sliding spline. Check that the spline has no play in the direction of rotation and that the sleeve can slide freely in the axial direction of the spline.

transmission shaft piaggio porter

4. Check gimbal play.

  • Check that the spider has no play in the axial direction E.
  • Check that the spider has no play in the perpendicular direction D.
  • Check the regularity of rotation of the spider.

check transmission shaft piaggio porter


Albero di trasmissione

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