montaggio frizione piaggio porter multitech

Disassembly / Piaggio Porter Multitech Clutch Kit

To carry out maintenance or replacement operations on the hose it is necessary to remove the following components:

- Transmission shaft.

- Gear bell.

1 - Fit the specific tool to lock the flywheel, remove the external screws of the pressure plate.

Piaggio porter clutch disassembly

2 - Remove the clutch disc and check the general conditions and wear

Clutch piaggio porter rmultitech

3 - Check the general conditions and wear of the clutch disc . If necessary replace.

Piaggio porter multitech clutch


Check the state of wear or damage of the following components and replace if necessary.

Piaggio porter multitech clutch

- Pressure plate spring.
- Return spring.

Thrust bearing

1. Verify that the thrust bearing rotates freely without binding.

Rotate the thrust bearing while manually applying an axial force to the bearing. Make sure there are no abnormal signs of hardening or blockage.

Bearer piaggio bearing
2. Inspect the thrust bearing hub for signs of damage or wear.

Piaggio porter multitech clutch

Also check whether the contact surface of the respective stop and the sliding section of the housing show signs of damage or wear.

Assembly / Clutch Kit Piaggio Porter Multitech

1 - Before completing the assembly phase of the clutch disc , make sure that the following points of attention are respected.

Clutch piaggio porter

ATTENTION: Assemble the clutch disc with the side of the flaring on the thousand lines, facing the flywheel.

2 - Carefully align the clutch disc with the hole in the flywheel, using a universal centering tool.

piaggio porter multitech clutch pressure plate

Any misalignment could cause considerable difficulty in inserting the shaft.

3 - Finally fit the flywheel lock and lock the clutch pressure plate to the prescribed torque.

piaggio porter multitech clutch kit



FrizionePiaggio porter multitech

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