monatggio e smontaggio pompa olio piaggio porter

Piaggio Porter Multitech Oil Pump disassembly

1 - To replace the oil pump it is necessary to remove the tappet cover and the complete timing case.

piaggio porter multitech oil pump

2 - Remove all the screws from the timing cover to access the oil pump.

piaggio porter oil pump

3 - The oil pump is integrated in the lower part of the timing case.

piaggio porter oil pump

4 - Remove the «seger»-type snap ring; to check and/or clean or replace the components of the pressure regulating valve.

piaggio porter oil pump

5 - Extract the components from the oil overpressure control valve, as follows:

piaggio porter oil pump

- the «seger» type circlip, - the spring pusher plate - the spring, - the piston

Oil Pump Checks

Check both the integrity of the components, the cleanliness of the pipes and, if necessary, also replace the oil sump pickup gasket.

piaggio porter oil pump

Oil Pump Assembly

1 - Thoroughly clean the mating surfaces.

piaggio porter oil pump

2 - Assemble the complete timing case, after applying the recommended sealing product around the perimeter of the case and in particular in the points indicated and in the joints between the head and cylinder block.

piaggio porter oil pump

Recommended products
Loctite 5699 Sealing Adhesive.

3 - Lock the timing cover on the cylinder block, respecting the tightening torques.

piaggio porter oil pump tightening torques

Locking torques (N*m)

Timing chain cover M6 (a) - Cylinder block 11÷12 Nm Timing chain cover M8 (b) - Cylinder block 21÷25 Nm

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