sensore di fase piaggio porter

The timing sensor, located on the timing cover, reads the signal from the intake valve control gear.

The signal generated by this sensor allows the engine management electronic control unit to recognize the engine phase during start-up synchronization and in which cylinder to inject.

phase sensor piaggio porter spare parts

The phase sensor is of the inductive type. a semiconductor carrying current and immersed in a magnetic field generates a potential difference across its ends. If the current intensity is constant, the voltage that is generated depends on the strength of the magnetic field. If this intensity varies periodically, a modulated electrical signal is generated.

timing sensor piaggio porter wiring diagram

Piaggio Porter phase sensor wiring diagram

Pin Color Description

1 b

Mass D10_02

2 L Engine phase sensor
3 R main relay power supply

The sensor is powered directly with the vehicle voltage (12V). With the key switch on, disconnect the connector from the sensor and use a tester to check the presence of voltage (about 12.5V) between pins 1 and 3. If there is no voltage, check the circuit integrity of the vehicle/engine interface connector, D09_07 and check for the presence of voltage between pins 5 and 16 of the latter.

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