sensore giri motore piaggio porter

The rpm sensor of the piaggio porter is located near the reaction bracket of the gear selection and engagement rods.

piaggio porter engine speed sensor

It is an inductive type sensor. It generates signals obtained from magnetic flux lines which close through the teeth of the phonic wheel on which the sensor is positioned. The control unit powers the sensor and uses the signal to detect the rotation speed of the crankshaft.

Wiring diagram of the piaggio engine rpm sensor

piaggio porter engine rpm sensor wiring diagram

Pin Color Description

1 - -
2 wr engine rpm sensor negative signal
3 OR engine rpm sensor positive signal

The sensor is connected directly to the ECU via vehicle/engine interface connectors. To verify
Insert the tester pins (adjusted to ohm x 100 scale) between contacts 2 and 3 of the sensor connector. The resistance value must be between 600 - 750 ohms. In the event of a fault, also check the circuit integrity of the connection between the sensor and the control unit.


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