olio piaggio porter 1.3 benzina 16 valvole

Here is a simple procedure below to replace the engine oil in your Piaggio Porter

Let's start by turning off the engine AFTER warming it up for a few minutes.

Remove the oil drain plug and empty the engine sump

Remove the oil filter with a suitable wrench

Check and clean the housing where you removed the filter

Before installing the new filter, apply a little oil to the sealing ring.

Screw the oil filter into the appropriate housing. Touch the sealing ring with the surface.

Screw the filter 3/4 of a turn by hand or with a special wrench.

Before CLOSING the oil drain with the plug, we advise you to clean it and put a new gasket.

After closing the drain, pour the oil until you reach the maximum level of the rod.

Restart the engine to check for leaks.

Turn Off The Engine

Check the oil level again and add more if necessary.

ManutenzionePiaggio porter 1.3 benzina

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