montaggio e smontaggio filtro benzina piaggio porte rmultitech

Assembly of Piaggio Porter Multitech petrol filter

1- Disconnect the battery negative terminal;

piaggio porter filter assembly

2 - Position the vehicle on the lift

piaggio porte rmultitech lift

3 - Disconnect the flexible pipe by opening the metal clamp

disassembly of the piaggio porter multitech petrol filter


4 - Disconnect the rigid pipe by unscrewing the fitting

piaggio porter multitech petrol filter

5 - Unscrew the screws fixing the filter to the frame and remove it

piaggio porter petrol filter

Piaggio Porter Multitech Fuel Filter Assembly

1- Bring the fuel filter close to the frame and tighten the relative screws.

piaggio porter petrol filter assembly

Locking torques (N*m) Fuel filter - Frame 35.0 ÷ 45.0

2 - Connect the rigid pipe and tighten the fitting to the prescribed torque;

piaggio porter petrol filter

Locking torques (N*m)

Fuel delivery pipe - Fuel filter 40 ± 5 Nm

3 - Connect the flexible pipe and close the relative metal clamp;

Check that the clamp is correctly tightened;

piaggio porter petrol filter

4 - Connect the negative terminal of the battery

piaggio porter

ManutenzionePiaggio porter multitech

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